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Dodaj tê stronê do Ulubionych! Add to favorite 
Adam®  music tablature is the result of some 11 years of development by Swedish educator Adam Zimny. Adam Zimny's aim has been to make it easier for young people to master the early stages of learning the descant recorder.
You just have to listen  to Badineri performed on the treble recorder. As a tribute to J. S. Bach, on the 250th anniversary of his passing on, Adam Zimny recorded the whole Suite in B-minor.
Never before could
anyone play a musical instrument so quickly and successfully. Playing an instrument has become so easy. Try a.d.a.m. tablature also for recorder music, flute music, saxophone music, piano, keyboard music, guitar music. 
The number of melodies available will grow steadily. Childrens songs, rock riffs, classical themes, christmas music as well as the latest hits.

Ode to Joy
Deck the Halls
Feliz Navidad
Happ Xmas (war is over)
I saw Mommy
Last Christmas
Merry Christmas
When you wish
White Christmas
Jingle bells
Silent night
When you wish
Amazing Grace
Oh when the saints
Old Mac Donald
Tom Dooley
Twinkle little star
The drunken sailor

Tell us how you're doing and what you think about the method.


Learn to play music in a new way! 

Don't worry if you can't read music. You can easily learn music with the adam method. Just follow the code of your instrument tablature as it shows you where to put your fingers!

Thanks to A.D.A.M.  tablature and your hearing you can learn pop music, rock music & Christmas music easier on many instruments.

Do you like guitar tablature? Isn't it easier? Guitar tab are very popular among beginners. Our idea is: Why don't use helpful tablatures also for others instruments?.


A.D.A.M. tablatures are found inside the noteheads. It contains easy to understand code which shows how to finger the instrument exactly for a certain melody and note. Learn how to read this tablature in our lessons and start to play many melodies  for the descant recorder song, piano, keyboard, saxophone, flute and guitar. Learn to play guitar. You can play right now and fast, learning all the notes as you go along.  This learning method is a great way to progress and play music quickly, easily and enjoyably.

Listen to our students!

from the "Slem" band: 

Trumpet:  Tim Hansson , 9 years old
Saxophone:  Sanna Dahl, 13 years old
Saxophone: Josefin , 13 years old
Drums:  Hampus (saxophone player) 13
Vocal and trumpet: Peter Zimny 13 years old
Keyboard: Kristian Zieger, 13 years old

mp3 file

Songs from Chicago, mp3, 900kb
Trumpet solo, mp3, 2500kb    

Speedygonzales, avi, mpg, 39 sec, 1200kb
Speedygonzales, avi, mpg, 2 min,   3400kb
I feel good, J. Brown, avi, mpg,   1200kb
I feel good, J. Brown, avi, mpg,   3400kb

Digital tabulatures are available to get you into playing  on any musical instrument. We have  music lessons, courses, sheet music for  Christmas music, pop music and rock music based on music tablature  for recorder song, piano, keyboard, saxophone, flute and classical guitar, ultimate guitar, acoustic guitar. Many different styles of music ranging from  Christmas music to top chart hits are waiting for you.

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